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Established in 1980

Special Thanks To The Many Customers Who Have Supported us for so many years

At Avril's Hand Car Wash and Detailing Center, you can relax in a unique comfortable and 'entertaining' environment while you wait for us to Hand Wash or Detail your vehicle

Hand Car Wash

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Expert Detailing

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Play our table top games
Sip Coffee
Watch TV
Work on your computer using our free WI-FI
Shop in our unique gift store for amazing greeting cards, gifts and car care products
Or just sunbathe on the deck while we wash your car

     A Word about Reviews

    Our staff work their tails off to ensure they do the best job possible and ensure every customer leaves happy!

    We acknowledge that from time to time there are customers who we can't satisfy for various reasons. We do occasionally mess up, but we will always fix it!!

    This is true, not just for us, but every car wash out there!